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Are you looking for an accountant you can rely on? Do you need someone to guide you through the jungle of tax rules and deadlines? At Pohodová účetní we will help you work through all the documents and invoices you need in order to run a stress-free, successful business. We’ve had more than fifteen years of experience and throughout the years, we have offered our clients the best possible services, taking care of all the nooks and crannies of their accounting. We’re a company that cares deeply about its clients, and we do our best to give them all the comfort they deserve.

With offices in Dalovice and Jickovice, we serve clients from both the Karlovy Vary region and from South Bohemia. We do bookkeeping for individuals, small businesses, and large traditional companies alike – and we make sure to provide all of them with a flawless job.



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Pohodová účetní

Renata Nováčková
IČ: 73456926
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Address: Karlovy Vary
Sedmidomky 109
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Markéta Tučná

Address: Jižní Čechy
Jickovice 61,
399 01

+420 605 707 674


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We are available at all times to take care of your accounting, tax records, and payroll accounting, whether you are from Karlovy Vary, South Bohemia or one of the surrounding regions.

Renata Nováčková

Pohodová účetní

Our Services

  • processing the bookkeeping documents delivered by clients
  • financial statements (including publication in the business register)
  • bookkeeping reconstruction
  • representation before relevant institutions
  • stock evidence
  • journey logs
  • accounting consultancy


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