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Our Services

Accounting services

We work with individuals, small businesses, large firms and NGOs from the whole Karlovy Vary region to provide them with services that pride themselves on high accuracy and expertise. Accounting has been our main concern for the past 15 years, making us witness the whole legislative development of the area. This makes us accounting experts like no other and enables us to process your material professionally and to provide you with advice whenever you need it.

Our accounting services include:

  • processing the bookkeeping documents delivered by clients
  • financial statements (including publication in the business register)
  • bookkeeping reconstruction
  • representation before relevant institutions
  • stock evidence
  • journey logs
  • accounting consultancy

Tax returns

The tax returns we fill in for our clients are always done in high quality and accuracy and delivered on time, making sure that your legal obligations are taken care of.

We help our clients with the completion of the following types of tax returns:

  • income taxes (personal, corporate)
  • VAT
  • road tax
  • property tax
  • gift tax

and more.

Payroll accounting

Having a team of your own doesn’t need to mean having more to worry about. At Pohodová účetní, we will take care of everything your employees need, starting from the moment you take them on and continuing with the day-to-day payroll agenda.

Payroll accounting includes:

  • complete payroll accounting services
  • employee registration and deregistration with insurance companies and the Social Security Administration
  • monthly overviews for insurance companies and the Social Security Administration
  • earnings records
  • personal records
  • yearly personal income accounts
  • bank orders

and more.

Other services:

building management
grant administration and accounting for NGOs